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We all remember science lessons from our school days. Whether the lessons were with the more -˜characteristic' teachers in the school, or whether you all released the gas taps when the teacher foolishly left the room, we all seemed to miss the link that science is life! And what an opportunity science teachers have in releasing the magic of life to their pupils, answering BIG questions like “Why am I like my parents?”, or “What will my life be like in 2050?”, or “Why is Pripyat a deserted town?”.

In this fabulous book, Catrin Green explains that teaching science is all in the explanation and making it memorable. Easy, right? No, not at all, and Catrin offers fantastic practical ideas, guidance, and explorations on how some of the toughest science lessons can be taught, providing a positive impact for teachers and learners. I mean, who likes teaching the processes behind electricity, moles, or osmosis? Not to mention reproduction! Well, Catrin has these areas covered, and even I now feel confident in teaching these areas!

If you are thinking about writing a book for teachers, use this book as a template. It's truly inspiring, offering teachers at all stages of their careers ideas on actually teaching the subject with support, practical activities, along with ideas for assessment. It's got it all covered. If secondary science is your job, then get this book. Simple!
Guest | 07/10/2016 01:00
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