Emily Murdock
I bought The Philosophy Shop book for my partner, who did his masters (and began a PhD) in philosophy quite a long while back. I thought the book might activate interest in going into teaching philosophy at 6th form.

Instead of it being read by him, the book was usurped by our 13 year old, who absolutely LOVES and raves about it.

Over the years we've bought her a couple of -˜philosophy for kids' books that she's not shown much interest in. When a friend of mine asked my daughter for a title to buy her own daughter, she said this was “By far the best”.

In fact the other day, it was really late, I was trying to get her to retire to bed and she kept on reading it and kept insisting “Just let me read one more section!”

Now we've bought her Provocations by David Birch for one of her Christmas books and having a look through it before wrapping it, it looks truely wonderful. I'll try not to steal it from her.

In any case, if you wanted to succeed in getting young people interested in philosophy, you've definitely succeeded.
Guest | 12/10/2016 01:00
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