Karen Taylor, Head Teacher Update
This book provides a treasure trove of ideas to develop children's thinking in the concepts of philosophy from as young as five, along with the opportunity to “advance” thinking for the more able children.

Each chapter provides a story, poem or activity which leads to a start question and then you are guided through further questions which allow the children to work through the concept until they reach central questions including existence, belief, truth and happiness.

A personal favourite is the humorous A Hole Load of Nothing involving an owl who was afraid of a dark hole because it was full of “Nothing” -” a great opportunity to discuss fear along with the possibility of being afraid of nothing for young children. A particular strength of the book is the opportunity to record your own questions during personal thought or the discussion, and the section “works well with” which provides linked discussions.

It is a great introductory book for anybody who is interested in developing an opportunity for children to talk or think without there being a “right or wrong” answer.

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Guest | 12/10/2016 01:00
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