The Hypnotherapist David Slater
This is the second edition of the book originally written in 1997 when the author determined to gather together in one easily accessible place, all the basic or core Patterns of NLP. This updated version is once again an excellent source book for all who desire to know more about the practicalities of NLP.

The patterns of NLP are sorted and separated by the author into various key categories : Self, Emotions, Languaging, Thinking Patterns, Meaning, Strategies.

It also sets out to enable us to readily discover what we need to do, when we need to do it as well as how and why.

It is a valuable resource for all who have an interest in cognitive behavioural therapy that we call NLP

The book states that the best way to actually start changing the world is by actually putting your own house in order first. We are taught to realise that starting with oneself is perhaps the most effective place to being working with NLP. NLP makes it possible to become aware of many of not all of the presuppositions that rule our live and run our thinking and our behaviour and, as a result, direct our lives.You can use NLP to change them if they are not working for you.

The book describes how NLP is an excellent was to clarify thoughts and what you really want and need. It even helps you to form a more meaningful and better relationship with yourself.

The book helps you to guide yourself and others into a way where you can live life rather than just exist.

This book is well worth reading, it is clearly written and well presented so that the material is easily digested.

I found it useful as a working manual of NLP and am sure that it has given me the confidence to use NLP techniques more than I actually have done to date.

It is a book worthy of a place on the bookshelf where it can be regularly dipped into as the need arises.
Guest | 24/05/2005 01:00
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