Product reviews for Bob and the River of Time

Toppsta Reviewer
This is the sort of book that you stumble upon and are so very glad you did. The book takes Bob on an adventure down the river, where he sees all of the different seasons and meets the plants and animal life he finds there. 

It's a beautifully illustrated book and each page is packed with details. My son and I have looked at it many times now and we always see something different. Bob doesn't know where he's going but he goes with the flow of the river and it leads to a calm, imaginative and positive story which is perfect for quiet time.

We all really love this book in our house. I knew the instant that it arrived that it would be a hit and that's definitely the case. We've picked it up so many times and both children and adults have pored over it, both separately and together. We highly recommend it. 
Guest | 18/11/2016 00:00
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