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Hanna Kryszewska, Humanising Language Teaching, Year 18; Issue 6; December 2016
This book is ideal for teachers who would like to step back from day to day teaching or training, and reflect on education, in general, and on our practices, in particular. We need this kind of reflection from time to time as in our profession we encounter various ideas which we might find attractive but are not suitable for our practice or don't hold water. The book invites the readers to question popular beliefs and reflect on our own experiences. The book is divided into twelve chapters which among others address such issues in education as: healthy childhood, taking on board dispositions to make learning effective, the ethical and moral purpose that drives teachers, feedback as a tool to improve learning, and professional school leadership. The book is very accessible and a very good read. Where appropriate, the book has diagrams, tables and other visual material that clarifies the points the author is making. Finally, the book has very impressive bibliography which will point the readers towards other titles they may find worth consulting or reading.
Guest | 06/12/2016 00:00
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