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I read the book with my daughter Gracie and my son Bobby. This book was absolutely fantastic and led to hours of creative play and imaginative fun. The book is great because unlike a lot of other children's books, it is designed in a much more unique and relatable way, using photographs rather than just illustrations or cartoon style drawings. This brought the book to life and enabled the kids to get a real feel for ways in which they could go on and put together their own dens.

As a parent, it can often be quite challenging or tiresome to think of creative ideas for your children. This has been a massive help as it is jam-packed full of really great ideas and is a fantastic source of inspiration. There are so many different concepts for hiding spots and dens that we had never even considered - such as Gracie's favourite, the pom pom den, and Bobby's favourite, the spy den. 

What we love most about the book is that my kids or myself can easily pick this book up, flip to any page and have a great idea or concept to then work on. It has helped massively boost Gracie's imagination and creativity. Since we have been reading the book, she is regularly coming up with lots of her own ideas for dens or creating fun spaces where she can then enjoy role play. This has been lovely to see and has made me feel really impressed and proud. 

The book works really well because it is bold, bright and colourful, the images and different types of texts and fonts make it accessible and far from boring, and there is always something that jumps out and grabs your attention. It isn't just a how-to book setting out a tutorial of how to create a certain thing, moreso it is the foundation for sparking imagination, creativity and exploration for children and I just really love it!

All in all, I would say that this book is fabulous for enabling kids' (and adults') imaginations to run wild, it is great for sparking creative thought and for inspiring you to get making fun dens. I can see this being a staple on our family bookshelf for many years to come! 

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Guest | 16/12/2016 00:00
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