Product reviews for Best of the Best: Progress

Andy Griffith, co-author of Engaging Learners and Teaching Backwards
Progress offers practical ideas for teachers and leaders alike. The problem for many of us in education today is that there is more information out there for us to explore but not enough time to do so. Wallace and Kirkman help us to sift through the different ideas of some great educational thinkers around the issue of progress. I particularly liked the contributions of Geoff Petty, who talks us through proven evidence-based practice that will have a positive impact on the progress of students, and Mike Gershon, who explains why exemplar work with students is such a good thing as this can help students to think about the quality of their own work in comparison. As ever, Will Ord gets us thinking about progress at a deeper level by considering the different types of progress that exist, and the need for both teachers and students to stay mindful of this. I also loved Claire Gadsby's thoughts around classrooms being a place where confident, metacognitive pupils abound and how this culture can be achieved.

I suggest reading each writer's contribution. See which ideas resonate with you and perhaps go deeper into their work.
Guest | 04/01/2017 00:00
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