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Firstly, Gilbert Filbert and his big MAD box is a delightful story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story as it was. I found the text very engaging, I felt for the characters and was reminded of my own grandma by the stories and the way in which they were delivered by Gilbert's grandma in the book - she is my favourite character and I found her so very funny.

I found the conclusion to the story heart-warming and thought that it was well written-¦ and did I mention funny?! There are really some rib-tickling parts!!

Secondly, the book has been written specifically to help develop your own thinking processes, I personally felt that this really came through the text and separating the chapters into each process was genius - again this really helped to show how each step can be broken down and fulfilled.

I worked through Gilbert's big MAD box with my mummy; we methodically went through each step/question and then applied it to a goal of my own. I felt that the process flowed really well and each step made complete sense in relation to what proceeded it and what came after it. I use brainstorms and mind maps in my lessons as they help me to get all my ideas out - sometimes your brain is too full and you need to see it all laid out. I feel that, like in the way I apply these planning tools to my education, I would now refer back to Gilbert Filbert and his big MAD box too.

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Guest | 10/01/2017 00:00
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