Product reviews for WTF Just Happened?

Start Your Business magazine, January 2017

Everyone faces shock moments in their life when they are suddenly left asking themselves "What the f...just happened?" From political upsets like Brexit and Trump, to personal relationship trauma, to business catastrophes, these unexpected events can very easily leave us upset and unproductive.

When you're starting out in business, however, your professional and personal life are inevitably intertwined, so it is more important than ever to have the resilience to bounce back from unfortunate surprises.

This interesting book takes an irreverent and pragmatic look at the troubles that most people will experience at some point in their life, and aims to give you the tools to cope and respond well. It draws on scientific research into human behaviour, offering readers insights into the reasons why people often behave irrationally and providing suggestions as to how to avoid such behaviour themselves.

Of course this book will not stop bad things happening to your business - suppliers will go bust, markets will crash, regulations will change - but it will help prevent you reacting badly if they do.

Guest | 16/01/2017 00:00
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