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Theo Kuechel, MirandaNet Newsletter No 19. 15th January 2017
"I want to go travelling," and with that statement Sue convinces her family to embark on a six-month road trip around Europe and across to China before the children start their secondary school lives 

Road School is a wonderful, personalised road diary, where famous sights and places are encountered and described through the eyes and experiences of the individual family members rather than a guide book. Many of Sue's humorous anecdotes will be recognisable to anyone who has travelled any distance with children.

The book contains advice and guidance together with many useful tips for home-schooling on the road and in general. Curricular guidance and advice about experiential learning are woven in throughout the narrative as well as some useful general guidance when travelling with kids for any length of time!

The underlying educational philosophy that one learns through doing and experience is always present. Sue also explores subjective issues such as cultural literacy, something that seems to be sadly lacking in much of the UK theses days. 

This educational road trip is a great antidote to much of the current turgid research and polarised debate about what is and isn't learning. It is rather timely because it offers a challenge to the current perceived wisdom of the politicians, councils and schools who argue that every day of missed schooling disadvantages a child by 'x' amount. These folk (who feel threatened enough to take the 'school holidays issue' to the Supreme Court) may see many of the shortcomings of the current system highlighted by Sue's alternative vision.

I have no hesitation recommending this book to all parents and teachers. It provides an alternative view and I'm sure it will broaden the mind.

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Guest | 24/01/2017 00:00
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