Martin Weaver UKCP Reg NLP Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Health Consultant
Peter Young has written the most definitive book on NLP so far. More than simply a “workbook” or a teach yourself course this book goes back to the roots of NLP and links some of the basic NLP ideas to the thinking of non-NLP experts in the field. For perhaps the first time an exploration of NLP connects new thinking with the ideas and concepts from which NLP has grown. Some of these ideas and concepts are well know within the field and others will be new. However, in my 12 years of NLP experience I would say that most of what is in this book will not be found in NLP training courses.

Most people in NLP do it. That the techniques work is clear. Exactly how they work and what is going on in the process of change is far less clear. This book seems to me to be the first time that a systematic description of NLP has been attempted which describes the workings of the change process. Peter Young has succeeded in creating a solid foundation for NLP. There is still a long way to go and yet with this book Peter Young has provided for those who work with or are learning NLP a sound theoretical basis from which to practice.
Guest | 26/10/2004 01:00
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