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Hanna Kryszewska, Humanising Language Teaching, Year 19; Issue 1; February 2017
The book is aimed at science teachers but it will be of great interest to ELT teachers or teachers who deliver CLIL courses in English. The book takes a fresh look at teaching science; as the author says, no -˜white coats, or slides' or being stuck in the rut with the teaching methods and activities. The author has lots of teaching experience which she generously shares with other teachers in her book. Her aim is to develop activities which are memorable, fun, make efficient use of the time, and, above all, enable learning. She shows how to use thought-provoking stories, how to give meaningful explanations, how to make input memorable and make it stick, how to make input for individual sessions relate to content from other sessions (what the author calls -˜joining-up the science curriculum), how to teach so-called difficult topics, and, finally, gives a guide to practical work. Personally, I don't do science in English classes, but when I showed this book to teachers who do, they were very very impressed and inspired.

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Guest | 07/02/2017 00:00
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