by Ross Maynard, FCMA MCIM, Psychological Business Services Ltd
This book unfolds to reveal many layers. However, all is explained by the end” Whenever I talk to people about these ideas, I warn them: “Make sure you are OK with knowing that you will never be the same again. These ideas will change how you think about NLP and about your life in general. Once you know this stuff there is no going back.”

” from the book When it first appeared, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) offered a radical shake-up of traditional therapy and change techniques. Although some rejected its ground-breaking approach, there were many who welcomed NLP's innovative way of working, and over the last three decades it has expanded greatly. New techniques and therapeutic procedures are constantly being developed and the number of training courses and books grows all the time. Many NLP practitioners believe that only techniques matter. Their books and trainings present students with a mass of useful facts, but with little integration of the material. Understanding NLP by innovative, freelance writer Peter Young overcomes this problem. By integrating into its structure tools from other change systems, and from drama, storytelling and mythology, it utilizes the pattern of human learning to produce a completely systematic way of investigating life. In creating a paradigm for understanding change, it examines aspects such as rapport, the Meta Mirror, the Four Realities model, Bateson's levels of learning, the Satir categories, outcome setting, the NLP language model, modal operators, beliefs, and modeling. Peter Young has written the most definitive book on NLP so far.

” Martin Weaver UKCP Reg, NLP Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Health Consultant The most important new contribution to NLP work in years. This book will inspire the next generation in NLP.

” Will McWhinney, The Fielding Institute, author of Paths of Change Understanding NLP provides a coherent model of NLP. Exploring four archetypal worldviews and three basic theoretical models, the book is an essential resource for both NLP beginners and practitioners, presenting a wealth of practical exercises and applications while revealing their underlying significance.
Guest | 08/03/2005 00:00
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