Te Ruru, NLP Trainer, Soulutions
This book is recommended reading for those studying or utilizing NLP in their professional activity. Young takes NLP to the next level of understanding by clarifying its underlying principles and concepts. This book makes sense of the structure of thinking and feeling. It also provides a deeper understanding of the big ideas that inform a NLP approach to personal change, rather than focus on individual change processes. By developing a “four realities” framework, and increasing the number of perceptual positions to six, the author has offered practitioners of NLP additional ways to best assist people to perform the key tasks for effective personal change: helping clients to construct clear and positive goals, asking life-changing questions, showing people how to think usefully, and helping people to make meanings that change less than useful responses to life events. This book is a successful attempt to explain how a NLP perspective can re-interpret, re-evaluate and enliven the archetypical patterns and intrinsic elements of what makes for effective human growth and development.
Guest | 08/03/2005 00:00
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