Geof Cox, Consultant, New Directions Ltd
I am not an NLP practitioner, but, like many consultants and trainers I have been using some of the techniques and principles underlying NLP for a number of years. In Understanding NLP Principles & Practice, Peter Young has managed to compile a book which does exactly what it sets out to do ” to provide a text which describes NLP practice and its origins. He does it in a way which is easy to follow and understand, using a number of models which seek to integrate the practice strands, and using a range of metaphors from film ” he is particularly fond of the Wizard of Oz ” and other stories.

The book is not a “How To' do NLP, more a description of the techniques and, most importantly, providing a sound theoretical and referenced basis for them. The early chapters in the book contain some useful exercises to demonstrate some of the basic understanding of how change works and the presuppositions of NLP. These exercises do not last throughout the book, and as the discussion moves towards the development of his Six Perceptual Positions model, the reader is left to ponder their own application, assuming a more reflective learning style.

I am sure that this book offers something to the experienced NLP practitioner, especially in the detailed underpinning of the practice of NLP, but I cannot comment on the description on the cover that it takes understanding of NLP to a higher level. For me, as a trainer and consultant in interpersonal skills, it provided a welcome overview and concise description of the origins and impact of the techniques
Guest | 16/09/2005 01:00
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