Prof. Dr. Yehia A. Ibrahim, NLP practitioner
I have read with great enjoyment an NLP book that is far above the conventional NLP heritage. This book makes it easy for people to be their own innovator, change engineer and even self-therapist. There is no need to follow the exercises as have been repeated routinely by NLP practitioners any more, for Peter gives us the key to design our own. Unfortunately, some of the old NLP dogma is shredded into slogans that people recite without paying attention to or reflecting on their life or the life of their clients. We know that reflection plus life equals learning and learning introduces us to change. If people accept my definition of NLP as: “It is the tool that we can use to restructure our past experiences, or even create new ones to build different reality maps than the ones we used or habituated to build”, then we have to equip ourselves with a skill of rotating in different realities model. This book introduces several interconnected paradigms and especially a four realities model that people can sit-down and locate where they are or were and where they want to be and then create a new map to their reality. I found that this book is a must read one, especially for practitioners who think of NLP as nothing but a useful myth. This book may be unfamiliar in addressing conventional NLP topics, but once you invest in understanding Peter Young's insights, NLP can then be a piece of cake and you can realize that you reinvent the wheel and discover a model that everyone unconsciously uses to change. Knowing this model and using it at the conscious level will speed change and make it an outcome-directed and/or related. Peter has also addressed the NLP presuppositions from a new angle, and commented on few. I really like very much the way he related some of these presuppositions to his four realities or thinking models.
Guest | 26/04/2007 01:00
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