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Sue Porter, English Lead and Year Six class teacher, St Francis CE Primary School, Chandlers Ford -“ Testimonial for the Opening Doors to Quality Writing series' ERA 2017 submission
The resource has revolutionised our English teaching; we previously used challenging texts to support our teaching - but the ideas and support within these books means that all children, without exception, are supported to access all the same texts. Indeed, some of our most inspiring writing has come at times from children with quite significant learning difficulties.

The texts chosen are engaging, challenging and provide a number of directions available to the user. The access to the different vocabulary and text structures has been invaluable. The discussion is always meaningful and extensive with spontaneous high level language and thinking as the children have been so inspired by the texts. From the rich and varied discussion comes writing from the heart: original, inspiring, high level language. Writing that excites the writer and the reader. Our staff are often to be heard around school reading excerpts to other members of staff. Certainly doors have been opened: the release from the constraints of forced differentiation - so that we are able to offer the highest expectations to absolutely all of our pupils. The biggest accolade is that no one is compartmentalised according to expectations with limits, and as a consequence they have flown. The writing of our boys and previously-labelled lower-ability children has made the most defined progress: everybody believes they are successful writers.

We are convinced the approach means that the children are completely unfazed by the more challenging SATs paper and this is borne out of our results. Also, the books they now choose to read independently are more varied and challenging and include classic literature. This is now a distinctive part of our school.

The cost-effectiveness is apparent in the reduced resource load we are expected to prepare: no differentiation (although supported access) and savings in teacher-time looking for suitable materials. We love that!

And, of course, the achievements of our children. A little money for a huge impact.
Guest | 17/02/2017 00:00
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