Michelle Storer, Business Director, Hays Education -“ Testimonial for the Art of Being Brilliant series' ERA 2017 submission
I have immensely enjoyed reading the Art of Being Brilliant series: a fantastic set of resources for anyone working within the modern classroom. Engaging and challenging, these pocket-sized -˜bibles' distil decades of combined experience and expertise into manageable chunks of advice and direction. Written in a straightforward and relaxed style, the authors cut to the chase with practical illustrations and inspired suggestions to help classroom practitioners at all levels to -˜be brilliant'. Delivered with trademark humour and passion, I can't think of a better resource for teachers of all levels to turn to for creative ideas, intelligent and helpful challenges, and affirmation of the power of teachers to really -˜control the weather' in their classrooms and impact most effectively on the attitudes and learning of not just students but also colleagues. Indeed, many of our clients have bought these books and speak highly about how much they have helped them ... CPD in their pocket.

These are everyday guides that can easily be dipped into with -˜top tips' and key messages communicated well both visually and regularly throughout the books. More than just a -˜back-to-basics' approach, there is real power in focusing on the small things that can have a massive impact on both teaching and learning. I have had the opportunity to experience the delivery of these ideas by the authors in practical workshop settings and have always been impressed with the power of the simple yet essential messages, the accessibility of the information, the unapologetic humour and, dare I say it, -˜fun' involved.

A cost-effective resource that should enhance the everyday practice of anyone working within a classroom environment. At Hays we have bought hundreds of copies to give to our NQT clients as we know they will benefit so much from them.
Guest | 20/02/2017 00:00
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