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Dr Sandra Westland, bestselling author, educator, psychotherapist and coach. Founder of Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies, UK.
When Rubin Battino has authored a book I know it is always going to be such an informative and inspirational read, and this one was no exception. He speaks from a place of vast therapeutic experience and with great technical and theoretical knowledge, but most of all he talks with passion! This book is underpinned with philosophical undertones about what it means to be human, what is important in life, why people need therapy and how they can benefit from it, while referring to Victor Frankl, Bandler and Grinder, Erickson and many other quality authors that have inspired him (and myself over the years).

In Part I there are many gems that will enlighten or remind you (depending on your experience) just how the simplest of things said, and the stance held in your therapy room, can make such a difference to clients in all their stuckness and quickly help them find their answers. Therapy is such a human to human experience which can so often get lost in theory and models, but Battino brings things right back to you and me, person to person.

In Part II he is -œwondering over the fields of psychotherapy- but you get so much more than this. You are given the chance to be informed about 12 different approaches that not only leave you more knowledgeable about different therapeutic modalities, but most importantly it gives you further tools to use in your therapy room that will make a difference, and further reading guidelines to find out more.

Therapy is about helping individual people with their individual issues in a way that is meaningful to them, and this book reminds us of this very important fact in a down-to-earth, practical and inspirational way. Thank you, Rubin.

I shall be highly recommending this book to our trainees and supervisees.
Guest | 02/03/2017 00:00
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