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Tanga Wanda, specialist philosophy teacher, The Philosophy Foundation
The Feel Brave books use fictional narrative to explore social psychological predicaments through the journey of Wolfgang. The books do well to elicit emotional responses from the children, which draws them in to engage with the moral particularities of the situation Wolfgang finds himself in. They manage this through a combination of effective framing of moral situations which raise questions, a poetic rhyming structure of the text and vibrant artwork with a playful aesthetic appeal.

The Wolf is Not Invited looks at issues of rejection, trust, autonomy, determinism, friendship and perception. Wolfgang must deal with the fact that Catreen has made a new friend and the feelings of abandonment as a result. Catreen must come to terms with her poor choice of friends and the isolation she experiences as a repercussion.

Task questions:

1. Should they open the door? p.7

2. Should they play with Clarissa? p.11

3. Is Catreen a good friend? p.13

4. Was Catreen right to teach Clarissa a lesson? p.23

5. Should Wolfgang be Catreen's friend again? p.24

6. Was Catreen a good friend to Wolfgang? p.28

7. Was Catreen a good friend to Clarissa? p.28

8. Was Wolfgang a good friend to Catreen? p.28
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