Product reviews for Capturing the Moment

Dr Sandra Westland, bestselling author, educator, psychotherapist and coach. Founder of Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies, UK.
I came to this book looking to prove to myself that there really was no such thing as single session therapy, but I was soon eating humble pie! This book is such a great resource for all therapists no matter what your views or your therapeutic stance. Capturing the Moment challenges you to think about therapy, your therapy and how you work, and the interventions you give. It informs you through quite brilliant and moving narratives of the client-“therapist relationship, with the crucial process and reflections that enable you to see how this really does work. It is so diverse in its inclusion and transformative in the way it shows how single session therapy works.

It is indeed in -˜those moments' that we profoundly share with our clients that change happens and this book takes you into a variety of ways to achieve this in one single session. I now believe this is most definitely possible. This will impact your therapy practice whether you view the efficacy of one session, short-term (six sessions) therapy or longer-term relational work; creating and capturing those moments is key, it is a skill and is what makes therapy the most connected vehicle for change.
Guest | 08/03/2017 00:00
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