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James A Cox, Library Book Watch March 2017, Midwest Book Review
Part of the How to Teach series, Reading for Pleasure: A passport to everywhere is a guide by teacher Kenny Pieper filled with strategies to not only persuade kids to read, but also to get kids to enjoy reading. Chapters discuss the importance of regular library visits, the value of e-readers, constructive ways of talking and writing about reading, the special challenges of encouraging boys to read for pleasure, and more. “Getting kids to do ream upon ream of pointless writing about books is one of the most effective ways of turning kids off reading at school. Some boys, especially, will resist reading if they're convinced that they will be asked to write a review at the end -¦ We can assess writing in far better and more helpful ways, and we can check for understanding of reading in more appropriate ways too.”

Reading for Pleasure: A passport to everywhere is highly recommended to librarians, grade school educators and parents.
Guest | 24/03/2017 00:00
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