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Steve Smith, former head of MFL, author of the forthcoming Becoming an Outstanding Languages Teacher
How do we create a school culture in which students feel confident and achieve success? Founded on years of teaching, observation, reading and coaching, Tony's excellent book lays out a clear and compelling case for developing growth mindsets in schools. Teachers and leaders should enjoy the clarity of exposition, the practical usefulness of the ideas and Tony's sheer passion for the subject.

Tony demonstrates how coaching and deliberate practice can change a school culture, providing practical ideas for communicating a growth mindset to teachers and pupils. Drawing on the work of scholars such as Hattie, Dweck, Seligman and Ericsson, Tony explains how the brain works and how we can develop motivation, resilience, grit, perseverance and well-being in students.

Leaders will welcome the analysis of how best to effect change in schools, in particular the value of the drip-feed approach to change management, including not only teachers, but parents, support staff and governors. Teachers will value Tony's specific ideas for carrying out action research in this field.

There is no doubt that the beliefs and expectations of both students and teachers play a huge role in determining outcomes in schools. Tony develops a very persuasive argument for how changing mindsets can tap into the tremendous potential every person has.
Guest | 29/03/2017 01:00
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