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Paul Bannister, Head Teacher, Junior School, Jerudong International School, Brunei
Too much to do and too little time: this is the opening line of Torsten's book and this understanding of the daily reality of teaching is clearly reflected throughout the following pages. Gone is the lengthy introduction, the theoretical background and the thesis-like level of detail, which teachers like but are too busy to read. Instead, Torsten delivers seven chapters of practical, useful, accessible, ready-made strategies that any teacher can instantly use with their learners. Each strategy comes with a short explanation of the reasons behind it and practical tips about how it could be adapted to suit the range of learners a teacher might be working with. Within a minute a new or refreshed activity can be used to stimulate your learners in ways they weren't expecting. With too much to do and too little time, discovering new activities to peek your learners' interest in less than a minute is excellent value!

Stretch and Challenge for All stands out from many other resource books as Torsten has ensured that it is not presented as a -˜one size fits all' solution. Torsten provides the reasoning behind using each resource and suggests adaptations so that even the busiest teacher can differentiate the resources appropriately.

Not all the strategies in Torsten's book are brand new, but the reminder about activities lost to the daily chaos and the suggestions for tweaking current strategies make this book an excellent addition to any teacher's library. Every teacher should have this book on their desk, ready to dip into to change-up their routines or step out of the rut and do something different.
Guest | 31/03/2017 01:00
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