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Humanising Language Teaching Magazine April 2017
Road School - The story of a family who pulled their kids out of school for a home education adventure, back-packing across Europe and China Frustrated by a school regime of statutory testing, and keen for a mid-life adventure, bestselling author Sue Cowley and her partner took their children out of school to educate them on the road.

Part comedy travelogue, part parenting guide, part educational philosophy, Road School asks you to consider what -˜an education' really means. In a world where schooling is increasingly being standardised, and where government testing puts ever more pressure on our youngest learners, Road School is the story of how one family stepped out of the system, and set off on the educational adventure of a lifetime.

On their journey they experienced awesome historical sites, diverse cuisines and fantastic geographical phenomena. They also experienced whining kids, satnav disasters, and dodgy accommodation.

This book is not about being the perfect parent - quite the opposite - it is about helping children to experience real life, warts and all, to broaden their horizons and widen their outlook on the world. There may be better ways to learn than tests, tests, tests and then some exams.

With a merry philosophy of education and parenting that offers an attractive contrast to the mainstream focus on conformity and targeted achievement, Road School could be the invitation you've been waiting for!

Sue is the author of some of the bestselling education books of all time. Her books offer a combination of stories, tips, ideas and strategies, written in an easily accessible and amusing way. Road School sees her branching out into advice for parents, as well as for educators.

Sue is also an experienced teacher and subject co-ordinator. After training as an early years teacher, she taught English and drama in secondary schools in the UK and overseas, and she also worked as a supply teacher.

She now spends her time writing educational books and articles, and she is a regular columnist forTeach Nursery, Teach Primary and Nursery World magazines as well as writing articles and columns for a number of other teaching publications, including theTES, Child Education, Junior Education andTeacher magazine.
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