Product reviews for The Artful Educator

Tim Taylor, teacher, author of A Beginner's Guide to Mantle of the Expert.
Sue Cowley has written a book for all those teachers who feel the job is becoming a chore, devoid of freedom or enjoyment. In The Artful Educator, she lays out what it means to be a creative teacher: one that inspires students through their actions, one that takes risks, involves children in their own learning and isn't afraid to divert from the lesson plan. If you want to be a teacher like this, you should read this book. Sue Cowley flies in the face of current establishment thinking on education. Full of ideas, this book is a licence to take risks, try out new and exciting ways to capture your students' imaginations, and above all engage them in a love of learning.

Packed with ideas, The Artful Educator is a book about education that will inspire young people to want to learn. Written in Sue Cowley's engaging and straightforward style, it shows how teaching is still a job that can be exciting, challenging and, above all, fun.
Guest | 21/04/2017 01:00
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