Product reviews for Secondary Science

Nicole Henke
While Miss Grace isn't in secondary school yet (whew), she is a grade ahead in her science studies, so I know I will be teaching secondary science by the end of the next school year, so I was very interested to see what was in this book. I was actually thrilled to see how Caitlin suggested block learning, versus teaching a section quickly and then covering it yet again the next year, and hoping kids 'got it' the first time. As a homeschooling Mom,  we've tried different methods to see what works best for Miss Grace, and we are actually switching to a block curricula for the next school year, so the methods and ideas in this book, perfectly align! It was like it was heaven sent! The book offers great ideas on teaching science concepts that parents may find daunting as well. If you teach, or home school, this is a MUST have book!
Guest | 21/04/2017 01:00
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