Product reviews for Release Your Inner Drive

Chris Hildrew, Head Teacher, Churchill Academy and Sixth Form.
Bradley and Edward have written an accessible, comprehensive guide to implementing the latest research into motivation, self-control and neuroscience to help you to get better at ... well, everything! Their book breaks down the process of goal-setting, self-discipline, coping with challenge, learning and achievement into a series of tips and tricks, rendered into easy-to-understand lists which make great resources for students, teachers or anyone trying to do that little bit better. All the key information for each topic is captured in an eye-catching single page, meaning that the book serves as a catalogue of self-help guides. But these single pages are supported by helpful detail, explaining how and why you should follow the advice. Each of the guides is sourced with detailed research from the fields of psychology, health and neuroscience, giving the reader confidence that these easily digestible chunks are much more than just platitudes or motivational slogans. Release Your Inner Drive will be a great resource for anyone involved in education and learning - or, indeed, anyone who “wants to get good at stuff”.
Guest | 27/04/2017 01:00
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