Product reviews for Release Your Inner Drive

Jill Berry, leadership consultant and author of Making the Leap.
Release Your Inner Drive by Bradley Busch and Edward Watson suggests strategies to help young people develop productive habits and offers practical tips for setting goals and taking control of where they are going and how they intend to get there.

Based on the principle of growth mindset the book is clearly structured and easy to read, with eye-catching and light-hearted graphics, designed to appeal to its target audience, but also with something to offer to teachers and parents who support and encourage young people.

The book prompts reflection and recommends actively seeking out and acting on feedback in order to boost confidence and enhance achievements. It emphasises the importance of resisting perfectionism and looking after ourselves by finding a healthy balance in our lives, including specific advice for controlling our use of mobile devices and social media.

Useful quotations, inspirational stories and specific examples, including references to recent research, strengthen the advice offered as to how students can ensure revision is effective and examination performance is positive. The book ends with a call to action and a very useful, extensive list of references to prompt further reading.
Guest | 27/04/2017 01:00
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