Product reviews for Feel Brave Teaching Guide

Rudolph Loewenstein, The School Librarian Vol. 65 No.1 Spring 2017.
With the importance of PSHE and the need to discuss feelings and other matters relevant to all children comes this excellently well produced teachers' book. It details an approach to teaching PSHE through stories in five accompanying sympathetically illustrated children's books. The themes covered in the stories include loss of a loved one (The Grand Wolf), how to deal with people who are unkind (The Wolfs Colourful Coat), worries (The Wolf and the Baby Dragon), fears (The Wolf and the Shadow Monster), and being left out (The Wolf is Not Invited). The text of each story is included in the teachers' book, as is a CD which has everything too, including emotions cards and yoga pose cards. Links are made to other curricular areas such as Religion, DT and Science with plentiful suggestions for activities. All in all, an excellent resource for the KSl classroom, and also for EYFS.
Guest | 27/04/2017 01:00
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