Product reviews for Best of the Best: Progress

John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultants
With an increasing number of learners - particularly those from deprived backgrounds - failing to optimise their potential due to social and emotional issues, and especially their limiting beliefs, this book is a must buy for teachers and tutors at all levels. The authors have brought together an enthralling compendium of expert opinions discussing a range of really practical strategies to promote learners' desire to improve personal performance levels.

There are interesting discussions on building confidence, self-belief and aspirations both for teacher and learner. In this context the essay by Andy Hargreaves emphasising the need to give -˜uplift' to colleagues is particularly pertinent. The structure of the contributions enables the reader to examine a wide range of ideas and strategies that have been effective in practice.

The book is overflowing with outstanding ideas which will inspire teachers at all levels to reflect upon, and extend, their current practice in their efforts to encourage progress as stepping stones to higher levels of achievement. Above all, this book is an excellent resource of thought-provoking ideas which will enable staff teams to move practice forward.
Guest | 03/05/2017 01:00
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