Product reviews for Games for Teaching Primary French

Nicole Henke, Blogger /Reviewer/ Teacher
This book is really made for a classroom situation, with mainly games for groups or teams of students. they range from the simple, like Bingo and Gossip, to more evolved like Dueling Numbers (which means solving number equations in the language) or making up new verses to familiar songs. Each game goes through the game step by step, then has a block to let you know the Skill/Aim/Resources/Classroom Management needed for it, then offers comments and suggestions, and an area for you to write your own notes and comments. So while it's not necessarily the best book for those with less than 3 kids to school, it does give you some ideas for a way to make quizzes more fun, and to get kids speaking and thinking in their new language! If you're a teach it's a must read!
Guest | 23/05/2017 01:00
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