Rapid Hypnotic Inductions

Demonstrations & applications

By: Gabor Filo


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ISBN : 9781845908461
Format: DVD
Published: April 2012

In this era of instant gratification, soundbites, and technology driven attention deficits, five minutes is an eternity. Hypnosis has been considered time intensive, but does it have to be? This fascinating series of nine actual demonstrations by Dr. Filo includes some verbal, non-verbal, and physical inductions. He demonstrates some of the most well-known rapid hypnotic inductions including:

  • Handshake Techniques
  • Elman’s Techniques
  • Barrett’s Instant Meditation
  • Filo’s Induction
  • Rausch’s Induction
  • Criss Angel’s Induction
  • Bryan’s Oriental Pressure Point Induction
  • The Turbo Induction
  • and Wark’s Alert Induction.

Careful observation will reveal that each induction contains the basics of all professional hypnotic interactions – rapport, focusing, deepening, re-alerting and debriefing. Since these inductions are ultimately for clinical use, appropriate generic suggestions are also demonstrated.

In addition, a real world dental application is demonstrated showing the replacement of a filling without any local anaesthetic. The patient is a dental-phobic police officer.

Clinical contexts and knowledge of truly rapid induction techniques are a must for hands-on clinicians – physicians, dentists, surgeons, first responders, as well as for mental health practitioners who must accede to the reality of brief therapy. This DVD demonstrates these rapid and instantaneous inductions covering the entire history of hypnosis. Creative, insightful clinicians can easily adapt these for use in their clinical settings. If you want to do more with less, then this DVD will give you the foundations.

Also included is a 16-page Learning Guide explaining each of the demonstrations.

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Gabor Filo

Gabor Filo, DDS, ABHD graduated in 1984 from the University of Toronto. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hypnosis in Dentistry. His professional career includes private practice, and hospital dentistry, with an emphasis on the nonpharmacological treatment of dental anxiety and phobia. He lectures nationally and internationally on hypnosis and laser dentistry.


  1. Gabor Filo has considerable experience and success in integrating Therapeutic hypnosis with his dental practice. This DVD demonstrates a series of' inductions and includes both verbal and non-verbal approaches. It is accompanied by a 16-page pamphlet in which the techniques are described more in depth.

    The DVD opens with three minutes of succinct. Introductory remarks spoken while the viewer sees a watch swinging. The comments are excellent
    and prepare the viewer for appreciating that induction techniques are both varied and individual, and that professionals must find a style that suits both their personality and practice needs. Filo points out that each of the techniques demonstrated contains the basics of clinical hypnotherapy: Rapport. Focusing. Deepening, Re-alerting and De-briefing.

    The variety of techniques can be used in a counselling office as well as in the dental chair. While the hands-on rapid style may not be the first choice of induction for the average counsellor, it is still interesting to see that effective trance can be reached so swiftly. It also is reassuring to discover that effective states of relaxation can he reached in settings such as dental offices where speed is imperative. The variety of styles shown opens possibilities for expansion and variation of one's own personal style. This DVD fills an educational need in making this information readily available.

    However, I noted two minor flaws in this DVD. First, prior to using some of these techniques. A longer introductory segment would have been appreciated in that it would have better delineated the target audience and stressed the important foundation of clinical experience. Second, there were a few non-standard U.S. formatting issues. Several computers I tried would not play the DVD, but alter consulting a technician; it played perfectly on a freestanding DVD player. .
    Filmed in his dental office. Dr. Filo engages one subject first, then another two subjects to demonstrate a series of brief inductions and re-arousal techniques. The three subjects were well chosen for their obvious rapport with the dentist, their abilities to enter trance rapidly, and their ability to express their experiences clearly.

    The induction procedures Filo uses include physical contact, hand movements, eye fixation, fractionation, and surprise, in addition to words, tone, expectation, and pressure points. Once trance is induced, Filo used a variety of deepening techniques, analogies of safety, and post-hypnotic suggestions of comfort to expand the trance work.

    Signalling, scaling, and post-hypnotic conversations were used to review the client's experiences. Within the series, the viewer can note demonstrations of dissociation, idea-motor signalling, and glove anaesthesia. The length of trance inductions ranged from extremely brief to a ten-minute demonstration of Elman's classic technique.

    The DVD culminated with a 15minute film of actual dental work done with a patient in 121005. The patient described a prior dental phobia. Performed without anaesthesia, the patient gives a remarkable description of the procedure from his perspective. The dental procedure, as well as the patient's description of his own experience, offers a rare opportunity to witness effective work.

    Overall. I very much appreciated this DVD, and would highly recommend it for both individuals who seek to expand their repertoire, and especially for professional groups who study hypnotic procedures and processes.
  2. This DVD is great for someone who doesn't have time to read or is extremely busy. It reminded me of being in a classroom but at the leisure of my own armchair. The DVD is very simple and easy to follow, with no visual effects or gimmicks. The author, Dr Gabor Filo, a dentist, has utilised different inductions in this DVD. He gives clear instructions and the participants also provide feedback after each induction. The inductions demonstrated are, handshake, Elman's, arm catalepsy, eye fixation, pressure point and turbo induction, there are a total of 10 inductions. Dr Filo also demonstrates deepners after each induction, the ideometer finger signals, the changes of temperature and the cateplesy.

    The DVD is nicely packaged, with a booklet that has lots of references in it and information. The video itself could have been better, but it is content rich. The techniques and the demonstrations are a great utility for any student of hypnosis.

  3. In Rapid Hypnotic Inductions, Gabor Filo, a practicing general dentist smoothly demonstrates 11 hypnotic inductions with ease and professional skill. The first 10 inductions are shown with one of two young women who, obviously, had given consent, knew what to expect, and had been hypnotized previously. The final demonstration in the series is actually a video clip of a clinical application in which Dr. Filo removes a dental filling from a patient in hypnotic trance, without anesthesia. Even more impressive, the patient was formerly dental phobic -” quite a testimonial to hypnotic dentistry.

    The inductions on this DVD include a handshake induction, an “alert” induction, eye fixation, a pressure point induction, and a non-verbal induction. Some of the techniques may be new even to experienced practitioners. The Elman induction is the best I've seen. Throughout the DVD, Dr. Filo maintains excellent rapport, pacing, and voice quality. His demonstrates deepening, taking the subject to a “happy place,” catalepsy, suggestions of temperature changes in the hands, eye closure, temporary amnesia, and ideomotor signaling. After each induction, he requests feedback from each subject (they mostly said they felt relaxed), and briefly explains, to the camera, the origin of each induction and the theory behind it.

    The DVD is 60 minutes in length. It comes attractively packaged with an enclosed paperback guide. Ample references are provided. The audio quality is a bit off, because of a near-constant, rather distracting hum in the background. Nevertheless, this DVD will prove useful for hypnotherapy practitioner training programs and for hypnotherapists looking for new methods to speed up their work.

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