Relaxation Techniques for Cooling Anger

By: John Lentz, D. Min

Audio Book

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ISBN : 9781935810100
Format: Audio CD
Published: September 2013

The average person can get angry in 1/3 of a second. No amount of quick thinking can get there quicker. However, relaxing into appreciating your positive qualities can alter the amount of vulnerability to anger because anger happens in part as a reaction to possible danger. When you feel safer by being more aware of your strengths you simply can avoid getting so quickly angry and become more capable of being in charge of your decisions and actions. This CD will help you calm down enough to repair marriages, avoid road rage, and in general become proud of how well you can manage yourself even in the face of angry situations.

It is designed to be played nightly for 2 weeks and then several time a week for a month and then as needed, to deepen the awareness of your strengths so you can recognize them more easily.

Picture for author John  Lentz, D. Min

John Lentz, D. Min

John D. Lentz, D.Min, is both a licensed therapist and an ordained minister in Hardin County, Kentucky. His ministry includes directing the Ericksonian Institute of Jeffersonville, Indiana, where he practices marriage and family therapy, and teaches hypnosis for use in clinical settings. He has written four books: Therapeutic Meditations: 40 Days and 40 Nights to Change; How the Word Heals; Effective Handling of Manipulative Persons and his most recent volume, The Compassionate Healing of Sex Addicts.


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