Solution States

A course in solving problems in business with the power of NLP

By: Sid Jacobson


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Size: 234mm x 154mm
Pages : 272
ISBN : 9781899836031
Format: Paperback
Published: August 1996

Using NLP techniques to solve problems in business, Solution States utilises effective NLP strategies that will enable you to achieve your career goals. Taking you through a process from understanding the ‘problem space’ to developing a ‘solution state’, this book shows you how to create workable, effective and ecological solutions to business problems.

Picture for author Sid Jacobson

Sid Jacobson

Sid Jacobson has been working in NLP since 1978, and was one of the early trainers certified by the Society of NLP. Though beginning as a psychotherapist, he has worked broadly in NLP as a researcher, trainer and consultant to professionals, hospitals, schools, clinics, businesses and public and private organisations. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is an expert on the application of NLP to education and training. He founded and directs the South Central Institute of NLP in New Orleans.


  1. Take any problem you like into Solution States, and you will find Sid simply there beside you, pointing you in the right direction and allowing you to expand your imagination.
  2. A useful addition to the kit bag of anyone working as a consultant in any of the soft areas of business (and probably some of the hard ones as well).
  3. Solution States is a handholding book, which uses the techniques of NLP to walk you through any problem you are trying to solve. It is particularly helpful in showing you ways to get into the right states to be creative and powerful in generating solutions as well as providing templates for analysis.
  4. The cover adds a quotation from Diana Beaver, author and trainer, “Take any problem you like into Solution States and you will find Sid simply there beside you, as a helping hand, a gentle voice in your ear pointing you in the right direction and allowing you to expand your imagination.”

    This sums up the way this book can be used and there is some great new thinking here to help find ways of overcoming problems. Split into two parts, the first helps the reader define their problem, Space ” Self, Purpose, Audience, Code, Experience.

    Part 2 moves on to problem solving using the NLP concepts of States. Throughout, there are questions that help the reader understand and progress, examples, exercises and illustrations.

    A fascinating and practical self-help book for resolving problems, permanently.

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