Sporting Excellence

Optimising sports performance using NLP

By: Ted Garratt


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Size: 234mm x 154mm
Pages : 208
ISBN : 9781899836260
Format: Paperback
Published: June 1998

This immensely practical and progressive book introduces new and revolutionary ideas to both professionals and serious amateurs, while also being an ideal tool for the occasional player or beginner. It provides a practical plan for the focused evolution of performance that includes:

  • warming up
  • practising
  • mental rehearsal
  • psyching up
  • becoming more relaxed
  • focusing attention.

The result is a thorough programme of training that comprehensively covers physical preparation, and introduces a fresh approach to mental preparation. It will appeal to all ambitious sportspeople who wish to enhance their performance.

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Ted Garratt

Ted Garratt founded the organisation Target Resources, a human resources consultancy specialising in training and development. He is involved in all types of organisations and sectors, and specialises in facilitating personal, team and organisational change.


  1. A valuable guide to improving performance.

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