The Buzz – New Edition

A practical confidence builder for teenagers

By: David Hodgson


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Size: 210 x 156mm
Pages : 176
ISBN : 9781845909987
Format: Paperback
Published: July 2015

Young people consistently say they want the same three things from life; to be happy, confident and successful. The Buzz shows them how to achieve all of these through a fantastic and illuminating journey of self-discovery. Complex theories and approaches are clearly presented in an easy to understand form. David Hodgson presents a unique and highly effective method of realising potential and making the best choices for those considering higher education or wondering what future career would suit them.

The brain is an amazing thing. It is the most complicated known thing in the universe. Sometimes it helps make people believe they can do amazing things – great inventions, acts of incredible bravery – when they are at their best. It is better for people to understand how the brain works and control it for the life they really want, rather than stick to habits that hinder them. Most people use about 10 per cent of their potential. With The Buzz, they can access the other 90 per cent. How much of it will they dare use?

The Buzz has been developed with and used by thousands of young people. It works. They have been surprised at how easy it can be to start living a great life, discover new strengths and skills, dream dreams, plan to make them happen and enjoy feeling great while moving in a positive direction that feels right. We can build a great life around our strengths, the things we enjoy and are good at. The Buzz also shows us simple ways in which we can alter our behaviour to succeed in the different situations and challenges we face.

Advice includes tips on: how to get out of an argument, the power of laughter, talking to people you fancy, improving your sports performance, how to relax and reduce stress, building self-esteem, employability skills, learning and thinking better, choosing a course or career and understanding your personality.

For 16–19-year-olds and the professionals working with them.

Picture for author David Hodgson

David Hodgson

David Hodgson is a training consultant and author who works with teachers and students across the UK and abroad. He has written a number of books to help teachers and students thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Bel Mooney recommends The Buzz in the Daily Mail.

Click here to listen to David on the TES podcast, speaking about how schools and colleges can provide high-quality careers advice.


  1. The Buzz is an interesting and topical self-help style book aimed at building the confidence of teenagers through raising self-understanding and exploring preferences. When I read the blurb, which describes itself as blending Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with personality type theory, I did wonder whether learning styles or discussion of cognition would feature and felt a little apprehensive about reviewing; I am unsure about profiling because it can have a tendency to act as a labeller for people, limiting movement within a given profile. Yet, on the other hand, it can help affirm a sense of identity and build understanding of how this develops which is particularly relevant for the audience The Buzz is aimed at.

    It seems education and psychology have become synonymous with each in the last year, with brain gym and preference profiling being replaced with understanding of grit and resilience now taking priority, which may have influenced the republishing of this new edition of the book. Hodgson's style is accessible for teens and offers a light approach to helping them build confidence through understanding of self. Separated into three main sections focused on personality, behaviour and action, The Buzz offers a skeleton model for teens to reflect on themselves, before working towards where they could go next. The book is loaded with short practical activities, which if enacted, could lead to changes in thinking patterns and combined with the style, read like a cognitive behaviour therapy manual. As a light touch to attempting to -˜think on the bright side', I feel this could be useful to teens as it develops some awareness of place and self; as anything more, I am unsure that it is of benefit, however this view may be influenced by my limitations as a writer and own reading preferences.

    All sections feel quite content heavy when reading, but are balanced by the conversational tone of Hodgson's writing. Personally, I found this book to be a bit much for me due to that - I felt it too over friendly for me - but I am aware I read through the eyes of an adult with an interest and experience of some of the things discussed in the book. As a reviewer, I can only offer a review on my imagined perception of what teens would make of it. From the teenagers I've experienced, I think they would find it readable and entertaining based on the humour.

    I think this book is useful on the basis that it encourages a positive self-theory that can then lead to less anxiety and better consequential decision making, in turn affecting motivation - one success can cultivate the next if a person is able to frame their place in the world positively. However, I would encourage readers to bear in mind that the writer has written from a point of view of being interested in NLP and Personality Theory, the latter being able to be applied quite generically; for teens who are in need of some vague direction, this may be an pleasant read, but for those who are in need of support and more personal guidance, I wouldn't recommend it. As educators (or parents/guardians) the relevance of this book is dependent upon you knowing the teenager you're considering giving it to.

    This article was originally published in the November 2015 Edition of the UKEdMagazine.
  2. Having successfully implemented ideas from David's original text on motivating and building confidence for teenagers, I was pleased to see that the book had extended its framework. The minor amendments have extended the text and will benefit those working with the disaffected, returners to employment and those described as NEET who need external motivation to kick-start their desire to live and work as effective members of society. 
  3. Based on NLP techniques, this is a sparky, positive handbook for navigating the turbulent waters of adolescence, teaching teens the kinds of things that can often get left out of the standard school curriculum - how to get out of an argument; ways to relax; understanding your personality; and making those important and potentially daunting decisions about what is going to happen beyond compulsory education. Hodgson delivers his training with warmth and humour and packs the pages with with games and activities that could easily and usefully be worked into a classroom session. There's a website ( too, featuring free resources including personality tests, excerpts from the book, MP3 downloads and 'Ask the Buzz' - an online advice service especially for teens. 
  4. Techniques to help young people improve their confidence, discover their strengths and skills, realise their potential and make the best choices. Includes advice on how to build self-esteem and learn about your personality. 
  5. Generally, I've been impressed with The Buzz because it distils the highly (and, in my opinion, usually needlessly) complex process of determining personality type into its most salient elements. Not only that, but The Buzz then links these concepts to specific -˜next steps' that are applicable to teens. I've watched David Hodgson present several times and it never fails to engage the audience because he makes what he's saying relevant to the lives of the students with whom he's working.

    David is a natural at talking to teens in their own language and on their own terms. Everyone can take away the concepts David presents and find meaningful application for their own lives.
  6. The Buzz has been a fun and accessible way for our students to relate their personality type to their preferred learning styles and identify areas for skills development that will allow them to achieve success.
  7. The Buzz gets students to think of themselves, their skills and their outlook in a whole new way. The students get the opportunity to self-assess through engaging tasks and activities, to learn how to get the most out of opportunities and their future. Students from all backgrounds and geographical locations can relate and respond to the book. The Buzz is a wonderful positive influence on students and we love to use it.

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