The Complete Learner’s Toolkit

Metacognition and mindset – equipping the modern learner with the thinking, social and self-regulation skills to succeed at school and in life

By: Jackie Beere MBA OBE


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Size: 234 x 184mm
Pages : 200
ISBN : 9781781353172
Format: Paperback
Published: September 2020

Written by Jackie Beere, The Complete Learner’s Toolkit: Metacognition and mindset – equipping the modern learner with the thinking, social and self-regulation skills to succeed at school and in life will empower teachers to transform their pupils’ learning.

Jackie Beere knows that schools have a much more important job to do than simply to prepare children for exams. In this book she hands busy teachers the tools they need to weave personal development into the curriculum in powerful and exciting ways.

The Complete Learner’s Toolkit focuses on the most important skills identified by the World Economic Forum – including critical thinking, emotional intelligence and judgement and decision making – and presents 36 lessons that can either be used as stand-alone sessions or be incorporated into a topic or subject context. Furthermore, they can be employed in whole-class lessons or when working with individuals/small groups who need extra support to become more independent, confident learners.

Jackie has devised each lesson to develop the habits of reflection and metacognition in all learners, setting them up with the skills they will need in order to thrive and the emotional intelligence that will help them pursue a happy future.

To make the most of the material in this book and create the best outcomes for students, Jackie suggests teachers also treat these lessons as personal CPD. Doing so can help embed in teachers’ day-to-day practice the skills and mindsets which this book promotes, and so model them for their students. Teachers can also consider how best to adapt the lessons in this book and how to incorporate the World Economic Forum essential skills within their subject specialisms.

Suitable for use with learners aged 7–16.

The lesson plans in this book are available as editable PDFs sold under an annual licence. For more details contact You can find a sample from the workbook here.

Parts of this book were previously published in The Learner’s Toolkit, ISBN 978-184590070-0.

Picture for author Jackie Beere MBA OBE

Jackie Beere MBA OBE

Jackie Beere, OBE is an Independent Thinking Associate who worked as a newspaper journalist before embarking on a career in teaching and school leadership. She was awarded an OBE in 2002 for developing innovative learning programmes and is the author of several bestselling books on teaching, learning and coaching. Since 2006, Jackie has been offering training in the latest strategies for learning, developing emotionally intelligent leadership and cultivating a growth mindset.

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  1. Practical and accessible, The Complete Learner's Toolkit is easy to use to integrate ideas into existing subject-specific curriculum plans. It provides an excellent set of ideas capable of complementing the content-focused examination specifications to allow lessons to include more social and emotional skills applicable to - and in readiness for - the workplace. The aims are clearly set out, supported with a summary of top tips and tasks to draw upon, and carefully linked to key research findings to add context for the relevance of the selected skills.
  2. Specifically designed for classroom teachers to use with studens ages 7-16, the individual lesson plans in "The Complete Learner's Toolkit" are also available as editable PDFs sold under an annual licence. Thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, "The Complete Learner's Toolkit" will empower teachers to transform their pupils learning and reliably achieve academic success throughout their school career and life.
  3. In The Complete Learner's Toolkit, Jackie Beere has drawn on her extensive experience to help teachers realign their teaching, learning and motivational strategies to engage students at all levels. 

    Jackie emphasises the developing importance for schools to refocus on the skills and strategies that learners will need within the changing economic climate and the new agenda in terms of opportunities for employment. She builds upon the growth mindset ideas of Carol Dweck linked to character traits such as tenacity, determination and resilience. She also extends the framework for teaching and learning by addressing the ten key skills identified by the World Economic Forum, such as learning strategies, problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership as the cornerstones of the new learning culture. 

    The book provides a range of practical, tried-and-tested tasks - for example, the sections on metacognition and mastering memory is a clear indication of the application of theory into practice within the learning arena - and many readers will find the glossary of useful terms an added plus, too. 

    The format, content and illustrations of this thought-provoking and stimulating resource make it a real pleasure to read, and I recommend it to all schools.
  4. The Complete Learner's Toolkit is an essential book for every school because it provides lessons for children that will help them be more resilient, become more  motivated learners, and improve their skills in readiness for working life. 

    As a school governor with decades of experience in business, I welcome this exciting package of ideas that will help the next generation thrive in an even more demanding work environment. For school leaders and teachers, Jackie Beere's book provides a crucial addition to the curriculum offer so that they can support and develop the essential skills for wellbeing, collaboration and rising to the challenges of 21st century life.
  5. In The Complete Learner's Toolkit Jackie writes and shares from first-hand experience of what really matters and what should be at the heart of all outstanding classrooms. Addressing the needs of teachers and students alike, it will equip everyone who reads it with the intrinsic tools to make lifelong learning a success. 

    In addition, the book is a valuable CPD guide to help teachers of all levels of experience to model positive attitudes and behaviours so that their students can excel and emerge from school with a skill set that will set them up for lifelong success. Jackie offers a multitude of practical advice and easy-to-follow lessons, all crafted to sit alongside the skills identified by the World Economic Forum. Emotional intelligence (EQ), growth mindset and metacognitive strategies are the irrefutable pillars of the book's content, all made so easy for practitioners to access through these well-designed resources.

    Overall, The Complete Learner's Toolkit is a great addition to any teaching and learning library, and a resource that will surely stand the test of time.
  6. The world is changing and, if we're to solve the problems facing our planet, schools must change too. The Complete Learner's Toolkit is the essential companion for teachers and school leaders who are ambitious about a better future for humanity. 

    Getting good grades is no longer enough; metacognition, mindset and character are essential in developing a purposeful disposition to the world. The ideas set out in this book are infused with the shrewd wisdom born out of Jackie Beere's extensive school experience. Not only do the book's activities help teachers to foster essential and in-demand workplace skills in children, they also make them more confident, empathetic and creative citizens. Being creative means breaking the rules - and finding solutions to complex problems, such as catastrophic global climate change, pandemic control and extreme poverty and violence, requires expert problem solvers. 

    The Complete Learner's Toolkit gives children the confidence to lead, the adaptability to learn and the values and generosity of spirit to make good choices and sensible decisions in life. This book is about no less than human flourishing and encourages every teacher and school leader to harness the enormous power of the next generation on a now-fragile planet and in an increasingly unequal world.
  7. In recent decades we have learned an awful lot about how learning happens through a focus on ideas such as mindset, memory and metacognition. Generally, these ideas are talked about - and fiercely debated over - among adults. In The Complete Learner's Toolkit, Jackie Beere has created a treasure trove of activities that bring these ideas to life in a way that children can get to grips with - all rooted in an expansive vision of education that stretches beyond employability skills and into the realms of self-regulated learning and self-actualisation. As we edge inevitably into an age characterised by algorithms, AI and autonomous vehicles, I am sure The Complete Learner's Toolkit will be of great use to teachers, parents and young people themselves for many years to come.
  8. The Complete Learner's Toolkit outlines lessons to develop the language of, and strategies for, learning, and focuses on the most important aspect of learning: teaching students to become their own teachers. Surely, if lifelong learning is to be realised, being able to teach oneself is essential. This entails knowing when and where to get help from an expert, how to evaluate the myriads of information now available, knowing how to prioritise, and using evaluative thinking in order to determine where to go next in the learning journey.
  9. This welcome book is another sign of the rapidly changing view as to the nature of learning and the focus on the skills and strategies needed by learners. Jackie Beere has produced a detailed, exhaustive and  authoritative guide that combines a clear overview of the topic alongside supportive activities and case studies. Most importantly, the resources in this text provide a bridge between principle and practice.

    The Complete Learner's Toolkit is to be welcomed because it goes into the detail that is so often missing, and it will give teachers and learners the confidence to apply the ideas and develop alternative ways of thinking and working.
  10. The Complete Learner's Toolkit is a vital resource for effectively equipping the modern learner with the 21st century skills required to succeed and thrive in our fast-changing world. This insightful toolkit is essential for school leaders, teachers and parents to help them provide children and young people with the very best possible education and start in life.
  11. Jackie Beere's books are always worth reading. She has an eye for what works in classrooms and provides practical examples for busy teachers tackling tricky interdisciplinary issues outside their subject expertise. The Complete Learner's Toolkit is a veritable cornucopia of ideas for lessons - and any school wanting to enrich their PSHE offer or tutorial programme will want at least one copy in their staff library.

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