The Learner's Toolkit Student Workbook 2 (30 Copy Bundle)

Lessons in learning to learn values for success in life

By: Jackie Beere MBA OBE


Size: 297mm x 210mm

ISBN : 9781845901141

Format: BUN

Published: January 2008

30 Copy Bundle (discounted at £2.99 per copy).

Outstanding companions to The Learner's Toolkit Teacher's Resource, these workbooks are designed for students to keep personal records of their work towards developing competencies in Learning, Emotional Intelligence and Values for Life. They are an invaluable resource for supporting the SEAL framework in secondary schools.

Click here for the related paperback with CD-ROM title The Learner's Toolkit, £29.99.

Picture for author Jackie Beere MBA OBE

Jackie Beere MBA OBE

Jackie Beere, OBE is an Independent Thinking Associate who worked as a newspaper journalist before embarking on a career in teaching and school leadership. She was awarded an OBE in 2002 for developing innovative learning programmes and is the author of several bestselling books on teaching, learning and coaching. Since 2006, Jackie has been offering training in the latest strategies for learning, developing emotionally intelligent leadership and cultivating a growth mindset.

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