The Magic of Metaphor – Audiobook

Stories for teachers, trainers & thinkers

By: Nick Owen

Audio Book

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ISBN : 9781845904050
Format: Audio CD
Published: February 2010

Listen to stories from the bestselling The Magic of Metaphor. Narrated by the author Nick Owen, the stories are linked by banter between the Magician and the Apprentice.

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Nick Owen

What are we called to do in our lives and how can we discover and express our personal and professional genius and purpose? Not easy questions but Nick has been struggling with and exploring them for himself and with others through his writing, editing, and storytelling, as well as in workshops, seminars and coaching sessions with individuals, educational institutions, professional bodies, organisations, and the arts for the last several decades. These days his primary professional passions catalyse around two areas. Firstly, the development of shared narratives that explore how schools, NGOs, and large organisations would do well to be more fully human, more self-organising and self-managing and less stuck in the old paradigms of autocracy, hierarchy, ego, power and control. Secondly, how can people entering the Third Act of their lives see their future less as a surrender into retirement and more as an opportunity to transition into a generative and creative period of contribution and personal exploration of their life's true purpose? In a whole variety of exciting ways, these two areas are both evolutionary and deeply interconnected.




  1. The recently released two audio discs `The Magic of Metaphor` by Nick Owen couldn`t be more recommended! I read the book of 77 stories for teachers, trainers and thinkers and found myself with a story for any eventuality without trying. This new audio set, read by the author, includes 33 of the stories from the book and is a real pleasure to listen to. Read with true NLP style and flare i was slipping in and out of trance with each story, placing the tales within context in my own life. Lots of fun! The metaphors are in turn buried within an over arching telling of the relationship between a magician (Angry Man) and the apprentice (Nick Owen).

    The box set contains two full discs and was purchased from Anglo-American Books for the cost of'£19.99 plus postage. I challenge you to listen and NOT find yourself using these metaphors in perfect context!!!

    I have read Nick owen`s other books and am really excited to see if the other books and tales will be released in audio format. Yes the books are great but audio is another very different experience and will be engaged on a very different level than reading, with the authors flare for telling stories. I found myself going on a journey whilst listening that somehow doesn`t happen with the books.

    So-¦thumbs up and an enchanting way to spend an evening that will yeild results for a life time.

    Congratulations Nick and lets see some more audio discs.

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