The NLP Toolkit

Activities and strategies for teachers, trainers and school leaders

By: Roger Terry , Richard Churches


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Size: 297mm x 210mm
Pages : 288
ISBN : 9781845901387
Format: Paperback
Published: September 2009

The NLP Toolkit is packed with easy to use tools, activities and techniques. Organised in an accessible way and grounded in teacher experience and practice, it provides a comprehensive toolkit that uses NLP techniques to improve all aspects of learning and teaching from using a simple spelling strategy to developing leadership skills. NLP is often described as ‘the technology of emotional intelligence’. The NLP Toolkit gives you practical ‘how to’ ways to develop your own emotional resilience as well as ways to work with children in the area of emotional and social skills. The five sections cover:

  • In the class activities
  • Emotional and social literacy with children
  • Stagecraft and presentation skills
  • Personal development and effectiveness
  • Leading with NLP

The NLP Toolkit is the perfect companion to the highly acclaimed NLP for Teachers: How to be a highly effective teacher ISBN 9781845900632 (click here to view this title) and will be useful for both teachers with experience of NLP and those who are new to the subject.

Picture for author Roger Terry

Roger Terry

Roger Terry was an International NLP Master Trainer and expert on human value systems. Roger lead seminars and consulted with companies in the UK, USA, Europe and Middle East.

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Richard Churches

Dr Richard Churches has been an advanced skills teacher, a senior manager in challenging inner-city schools, a government adviser, an education consultant and the lead adviser for education reform and evidence-based practice at Education Development Trust. He has led many major policy initiatives in England and across the world, and is currently programme director for the DfE Future Teaching Scholars programme. His doctoral research was experimental and explored areas of charismatic leadership associated with altered states of consciousness.

Clinical trials' approach to research to see what works best for students. You can read Dr Richard Churches full article from Education Development Trust here.


  1. NLP techniques hold the secret to success for many leaders and teachers. The NLP for Teachers Toolkit turns the theory of NLP into practical activities that all schools can use with individuals or classes. Techniques for helping teachers develop personal effectiveness, communications skills and emotional intelligence in their students are described as a set of simple tasks. This book makes NLP techniques accessible to all and relates them to key issues affecting schools today" behaviour management, motivation, social skills, raising achievement, inclusion and pedagogy for the 21st century. It offers clear guidance on how young people can be coached to better manage their minds and so help them achieve their potential. Use this Toolkit regularly to become a better teacher, a more flexible communicator and an effective life coach for your family, friends and students.
  2. Highly effective pedagogy secures good results. Teaching, though, is more than pedagogy. It is also the craft of helping the learner realise what is happening and helping them to be predisposed to learning.
    This book is packed with well explained strategies that help teachers to support their learners. Through activities that work on the social or emotional aspects of learning the mysteries of why people succeed or survive are exposed.
    Using the book will bring learning alive for young people and add interest and enjoyment ... and success.

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