The Perfect Further Education Lesson

By: Jackie Rossa


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Size: 174 x 124mm
Pages : 176
ISBN : 9781781351253
Format: Hardback
Published: April 2014

The Perfect Further Education Lesson will help teachers, trainers, tutors and assessors provide consistently outstanding learning experiences that make a real difference to their learners. It removes the mystery surrounding outstanding learning, and enables staff to make the great escape - setting them free to do what really matters for their learners. It identifies key factors that make learning outstanding and provides practical advice and strategies to achieve this, as well as delivering high-quality teaching every day and also remaining undaunted by Ofsted observations. This book links directly to the Common Inspection Framework (CIF) 2012 criteria for further education and skills providers.

Chapters include:
1. Planning a Brilliant FE Lesson
2. Engaging Learners from the Beginning
3. Behaviour for Learning
4. Ensuring They Make Progress Every Lesson
5. Collaborative Learning that Delivers Results
6. Feedback and Marking that Deliver and Demonstrate Progress.

Picture for author Jackie Rossa

Jackie Rossa

Jackie Rossa has worked as a teacher, educator and manager within the learning and skills sector. She now works as an educational consultant and additional inspector. She has conducted research into transforming learning and has worked with many providers to successfully implement initiatives designed to advance excellence in teaching and learning.


  1. Teachers tend to be blessed with a healthy scepticism and so Jackie Rossa's new book is nothing if not ambitious in claiming to help practitioners deliver the perfect lesson.
    Still Rossa, who is managing director of Learning Central UK, has produced a little nine-volt battery of a book that packs a punch. It is compact (smaller than A5 format
    and only 176 pages) and it speed-dates teachers with an impressive range of practical ideas complete with mini case studies, tips and checklists. There are books that will stretch you more but that's missing the point. And, at just under '£10, this little book makes a strong case for itself.
  2. The gulf between secondary school and further education experiences can be quite a shock to students, with less formality, more flexibility, and more concentration of subjects. The mix of courses available in Further Education (FE), where students are typically aged 16-18, ranges from the academic through to vocational courses, all offering students a platform to launch their careers, or continue their studies at university.

    The challenges that face tutors can mirror those which colleagues situated in state schools, in so much that inspections and observations are common place; improving results trends are expected; and facing students who are now required to stay in education whether they like it or not (many countries now require that students remain studying until the age of 18).

    Staff in further education can feel isolated, with different rules and expectations imposed on their teaching, but Jackie Rossa comes to the rescue in her book “The Perfect Further Education Lesson” which provides a wealth of advice on how to keep students focused and on track in their subjects. Chapters include: Planning a Brilliant FE Lesson; Engaging Learners from the Beginning; Behaviour for Learning; Ensuring Students Make Progress Every Lesson; Collaborative Learning, and; Feedback and Marking.

    Some of the ideas within the chapters sound obvious, but working with students who are on the verge of adulthood, there are certain subtle differences that need to be adopted to allow them to gain a sense of responsibility. At this level, many have freely chosen their subjects, so Rossa provides support in helping teachers maintain their focus on what really matters, so they can continue to make that important positive difference to the lives of so many learners.

    This is a great book for Further Education staff for sharing ideas, tips and strategies for working with such enthusiastic young adults. Many strategies will be familiar to school colleagues, but with the subtle differences in teaching and learning at this important level of education ideas need to be adapted to inspire and encourage learners. This book does that, and although many may feel that they are working within exam factories -” focusing on and churning out results -” the strategies and ideas within will inspire to develop teaching and learning styles.

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  3. Jackie Rossa, from a broad base of experience within further education and team working with a number of highly rated consultants, has compiled an excellent resource for staff at all levels on strategies and skills for improving teaching, learning and achievement. With FE colleges playing an important role in improving learner skills, meeting the needs of a changing labour market etc. the challenge to improve access, participation, work appropriate skills, and interactive, participant learners requires staff with enthusiasm, passion, confidence, resilience and skills of delivery. This excellent book addresses all key areas of “outstanding teaching” in a practical focussed way with top tips checklists, realistic strategies etc. Well done Jackie, a pleasure to tread and to recommend to others.
  4. Jackie writes with a sound understanding of the challenges and opportunities staff work with on a daily basis in the FE sector. Her practical ideas are based on sound pedagogical practice and are shared in a simple style that makes this book accessible to all. The explicit use of words such as -˜high expectations' and quotes from Toffler will resonate with both staff and managers. Well done and thank you.
  5. A comprehensive must read for both practitioners and leaders/managers within the further education sector who wish to provide their students with an outstanding learning experience. This book offers a magical recipe for achieving outstanding and provides a clear interpretation of what is regarded as -˜outstanding' under the common inspection framework. This invaluable resource offers readers with a plethora of quick win strategies and top tips which are essential for busy practitioners, and a thorough justification of why the strategies are essential for achieving outstanding teaching learning and assessment.

    An inspirational easy read, practical guide which provides readers with a combination of explanations, resources and top tips to achieve outstanding learning, teaching and assessment.

    This book provides readers with an array of tips for showcasing the progress of learners when the inspector calls! Which is the -˜hallmark' of an outstanding lesson.
  6. Jackie Rossa presents her new menu! She has acquired ingredients throughout her career in Further Education and with private providers. She has worked as a teacher, an advanced practitioner, a coach and a Director of Quality and Effectiveness; currently she is an inspector for Ofsted and a senior consultant for College Leadership services. Her aim is to continue to improve the quality of teaching for the benefit of all learners.

    There are many books on the market on how to teach or improve teaching but this book offers a one-stop set of recipes. It's a new and fresh vision to reassure teachers that what they are doing in the classroom is exactly what their learners need in line with the new 2012 Ofsted requirements. Although the book is aimed mainly at classroom based teaching, providers who deliver mainly in the workplace will also find a bank of transferable ideas as the Common Inspection Framework -CIF- 2012 covers both Learner and Employer Responsive delivery.

    Divided in 6 parts (planning, engaging learners, behaviour for learning, making progress, collaborative learning and feedback), the book is user friendly and easy to navigate with each chapter offering a set of examples and case studies from the FE sector, top tips and ideas, clarifications and quotes as well as references to current trends. The layout, diagrams and illustrations add to the mix and aid understanding. It's not just a repertory of ideas though as Jackie has interpreted the various concepts with her Ofsted hat on. She never recites long quotes from the CIF but instead makes reference to it in a targeted and directed way to highlight how the reality of the classroom will be interpreted by external observers.

    Throughout the book, the numerous examples and ideas come from a variety of sectors and providers, so whether in Construction or Arts, in Care or Maths, Foundation learning or Horticulture, teachers will relate to them easily. Jackie reminds teachers to use a common sense approach and be SMART in their everyday practice. She clarifies how to include functional skills, ILT or PLTS in lessons through practical tips and demonstrations. Employability skills are highlighted throughout as a key focus to prepare all learners for their future working life and how a “graduate profile” might enthuse learners to think ahead concretely by demonstrating an attitude to learning in the classroom. Questioning techniques, from the Socratic questioning to the use of EVS, to support the formative aspects of learning are covered as is how to track and evidence progress. It pushes teachers to constantly reassess what learners need to do to learn and how they can work collaboratively to achieve their goals. The tick list at the end of each chapter makes it a very useful tool when preparing a lesson or getting ready for an observation.

    So on a practical note, I hope the cover of this book is sturdy because it won't stay on a shelf very long. It will be passed around the office, used in training sessions, transported home to prepare lessons, maybe even taken on holiday!
    I am thinking of buying copies for my College colleagues: one for a new teacher who is enthusiastic but comes with a bag full of theories and no practical experience, one for a lecturer who has just returned from maternity leave and feels a little worried about the new FE context, one for a lecturer with years of experience who loves teaching but keeps getting grade 3s when observed, one for the Teaching Coaches so they can dip into it to complement their extensive set of supportive tools and one for the lesson observation team to reiterate the many facets of what an outstanding lesson can look like. And one more copy to be used when I get told that teaching is easy!

    Jackie has succeeded in offering a new menu of options which can be tailored to suit the changing needs of the teachers and learners. This positive book focuses on what truly matters in education and offers teachers examples and guidelines which will reaffirm their appetite for outstanding teaching. They will, of course, have to add their own secret ingredients and experiment a little with these recipes to ensure their learners take ownership and get the best experience ever, but isn't that what teaching is all about?
  7. Jackie puts the common sense back into teaching and learning. This book is essential reading for teachers, but also for managers, observers, and others responsible for improving teaching and learning. Not only is it full of helpful tips, it is so easy to digest that you could do so in a single sitting! I urge teachers to share the content of this book with peers, get to grips with its messages, and try out the ideas, adapting and reflecting as they go.

    If you need some inspiration to support your teaching and learning practice team meetings, simply use this book. All teachers, no matter how experienced or skilled can find great value from each and every chapter.
  8. A great and very refreshing book, written in plain English. The Perfect Further Education Lesson gives some workable strategies to tackle issues that teachers find difficult such as embedding E&D and English and maths, demonstrating progress, developing broader skills and covers different vocational areas. It's not overly theoretical and pedagogical but referenced where appropriate. The case studies bring it to life and the reader could relate it to their own experiences. Gives teachers some tools to make improvements to their teaching and learning without making huge efforts and so reduces the barriers they put up (time being a favourite).

    Written user-friendly way with lots of practical ideas to use with students. It echoes much of what I believe makes for outstanding teaching and learning.

    Once published I'd consider buying copies for all staff -” budget permitting!
  9. The author has brilliantly crafted a book that succinctly and eloquently addresses the perennial question of deliverers of learning about what constitutes a grade one lesson. Through the use of a wide range of practical examples drawn from the breadth of the FE curriculum, readers can select and adopt key strategies to experiment within their own delivery sessions.

    There is excellent referencing to key components of the Ofsted 2012 Common Inspection Framework which deepens the reader's understanding of the essence of this framework in relation to delivering outstanding teaching and learning and to gain a useful insight as to how judgements are made. This knowledge enables the reader to reflect, adapt and adopt working practices which directly enhance their students' learning experience as well as (incidentally), meeting the CiF observation criteria.

    The structure and accessibility of the writing of this book makes it an essential read for every deliverer of learning who is constantly endeavouring to improve their students' learning experience. The clear structuring of chapters enable readers to -˜dip in' to topics, or simply to extend or reinforce their existing knowledge. The end of chapter checklists ensure that time pressed educational professionals can use this book as a frequently useful source of reference.

    This book is suitable for those new to the teaching profession, or seasoned professionals. The Ofsted CiF is, in itself, an articulation of what constitutes best practice in teaching and learning and this book definitely delivers on this agenda too.

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