The Pocket Life Coach

Coach yourself to health and happiness

By: Pete Chapman


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Size: 210mm x 148mm
Pages : 144
ISBN : 9781845900717
Format: Paperback
Published: January 2008

Peter Chapman had dreams of making it big and through commitment and hard work became British Bodybuilding Champion in 1991. With this success came body obsession which led to drug dependency.

In a bid to break the habit and start taking responsibility for his life, Pete studied many of the healing arts including philosophy, yoga, nutrition, psychology and coaching in search of a way being healthy and feeling good about himself.

He has since learned to live a healthy life without drugs and has used his experience to help others. He has run a gym, trained professional athletes and has worked with youth groups to a develop drug rehab programme. Pete now mentors teenagers through this programme to be healthy and successful without the need for drugs.

Life is complicated these days and none of us have all the answers all of the time, especially when it comes to our own life. We all need a little objective guidance from time to time when we want to improve or change something about ourselves and our lives. It is not always easy to find someone who has the ability to help us change for the better and one thing is for sure, no-one is going to do it for us.

This is Pete’s simple guide and recipe for optimum health and happiness that anyone can understand and relate to.

Topics covered include

  • Stress management
  • Exercise
  • Time management
  • Menu planning
  • Setting goals
  • Well being
  • Activity planning
  • Healthy mind
  • Creativity
  • Developing your inner self

This workbook is your tool, your very own pocket life coach to help you rediscover the healthiest, most productive, positive and creative you.

Picture for author Pete Chapman

Pete Chapman

Pete Chapman, a Lincolnshire farm boy had dreams of making it big and became British Bodybuilding Champion in 1991. After breaking his drug dependency and body obsession, he studied yoga, nutrition, philosophy and many other healing arts and this led to his own radio fitness show. He has run a gym, trained professional athletes and has worked with youth groups to develop drug rehab and wellness programmes. Now living and working in the US, Pete mentors and trains teenagers to be healthy and successful.


  1. It's a simple complete pocket guide to live a good life. In it, “balance” is the key word that helps connect Pete's practical suggestions for your body, mind and spirit. Life is not a race, says Pete, if you are looking for wellbeing and longevity in life. Read this book and you will gain a general healthy way to look after yourself. Pete Chapman's book is honest and will always find a way to give you good advice.
  2. Any one thinking of changing their life for the better, this book is a must read,a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”
  3. An essential, strategical manual to aid and guide you to holistic wellbeing and success. An inspirational read.
  4. For anyone who wants to make changes in their life, but doesn't want to invest in a life coach, then this is the book to invest in.

    The Pocket Life Coach gives simple, down to earth and practical tips to change or improve areas of your life. There are suggestions on time management, health, food, fitness, drinking and shopping amongst many others. And included in this workbook are evaluation charts and fill-in sections to help you become more aware of how and where to make the improvements and changes easily.

    Pete Chapman has written a concise, yet thorough self-help book in which every person will find something that is beneficial to them.
  5. Typing this review into a word processor I become aware of the tension in my shoulders as I read Pete Chapman's advice on the importance of stretching.

    Stretches, sound sleep, restricting your alcohol intake and massage are all key elements in his suggestions for building up strength and flexibility.

    I like the emphasis Pete gives to taking time to prepare and enjoy food at regular meal how you eat is as important as what you eat.

    Son of a farmer, Pete has a background in bodybuilding, yoga and nutrition - as well as experience in dealing with drug dependency.

    This gives a valuable toughness to the text in which he emphasises the importance of mental strength as well as moral and spiritual commitment for taking on life's harder struggles.

    A useful checklist on stress management provides positive suggestions that might otherwise be overlooked.

    Pete strikes a refreshing balance between bodily needs and inner needs contrasting water and oxygen, for instance, with our more spiritual requirements for appreciation as well as forgiveness.

    Important emphasis is given to avoiding black and white thought and developing tolerance.

    He takes a contemporary look at the potential for conflict between humanism and fundamentalism and you don't have to agree with all that Chapman says to see that he raises useful questions.
  6. I can't believe it is that time again! 2007 has passed and now we begin our journey through 2008. With this, comes a time of resolution and promises to ourselves and sometimes others of things we want to change or indeed achieve over the coming twelve months. So how do we go about making such resolutions come true? Well, some of the privileged few could hire a life coach! But that is expensive and surely how many of us can really afford one? True?

    False! Look no further, help is at hand, well rather in your pocket with The Pocket Life Coach by Pete Chapman. This book is a gem and could not have arrived in the post for me to review at a better time. In 2007 I managed to quit the dreaded smoking habit and was just wondering what I should do throughout 2008? Now the answer is simple I will be following Pete's words of wisdom and 'coach myself to health and happiness.'

    For a relatively thin book this one packs a punch and contains a myriad of information from looking at life as it is now, making the best of it to beginning with the changes and developing your inner self. I must say that it isn't for the faint hearted either. The exercises in the book are designed to get you thinking about you and the life in which you find yourself. Just like a real life coach would? But, it has to be said for a mere fraction of the cost! I loved the section on the puzzle of life where Pete cleverly highlights three main categories including the needs of the mind, the body and the inner self. It made me think how much easier it is to change things and make things happen when things are placed neatly into the little boxes we love so much. However, again be warned, do not get too comfortable as The Pocket Life Coach will challenge your comfort zones and aid your journey to where you want to be at the end of 2008.

    From the introduction to the end, Pete coaches the reader in setting goals, assessing the present and recaps each chapter so the reader really can get to grips with the exercises and concepts discussed before moving on to the next.

    This one should definitely be in the pocket of every What's Happening reader this month as I am sure it will not fail to inspire you and give you a head start in attaining your hopes, dreams and aspirations for 2008.
  7. Pocket Life Coach is a must-read for anyone who wants to realise their true potential and develop a more positive frame of mind. Packed full of practical tips and exercise for building confidence, this book will help every woman to take charge of her life and achieve her goals in the year ahead.
  8. It's about the most comprehensive yet compact book anyone will ever need to help manage and develop their lives.

    This books combination of easy to read narrative, bullet point lists of the essential thoughts and needs as well as charts to help one stay on track with a better direction in life, it's a bible for living.
  9. It's great to have a self-help guide that I can whole-heartedly recommend to young male readers, often too embarrassed to be seen with a book

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