The Wolf was Not Sleeping (The Fire Fighters Charity edition)

By: Avril McDonald


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Published: August 2022
Size: 234 x 286
Pages : 32
Format: Paperback
ISBN : 9781785836411

The Wolf was Not Sleeping is a heartwarming bedtime story specially written by Avril McDonald to soothe the anxiety of children whose parents work as first responders and to encourage conversations which help them manage trauma. This Fire Fighters Charity edition of the book has a dedication from HRH Price William and features characters from the fire service. A donation will be made to The Fire Fighters Charity for every copy sold. 

Wolfgang's dad works as a helper: when the wolves sound the alarm, he has to leave to help the other creatures in the forest. Each night Wolfgang worries about what might happen if his dad gets the call. His worries are so bad that they keep him awake, and he is falling asleep in the daytime instead! 

Spider leaves a note for Big Dad Wolf to show him how worried Wolfgang is. Big Dad Wolf realises he needs to sit down with Wolfgang to reassure him, and tell him about what happens when he goes to help in the forest. Wolfgang learns that things aren't always as bad as they seem. 

There are lots of ways in which we can tell or show people how we are feeling and if we can name a feeling, then we can tame a feeling.

An ideal bedtime read for young children whose parents are first responders, whether they be firefighters, police officers, ambulance crew, coastguards, or work in any other roles within stressful environments.

"This book is dedicated to you, the children of fire families and the grown-ups you love. It is here for you when you might be feeling scared or worried about them. Be proud of the important part your family plays in keeping us all safe from trouble or harm." – HRH Prince William

Part of Avril McDonald's Feel Brave series: little stories about big feelings.

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 Here's Nick Knowles reading from The Wolf was Not Sleeping: Fire Fighters Charity Edition:

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Avril McDonald

Avril McDonald is the bestselling, award-winning author of the Feel Brave series of books and founder of Feel Brave, a company with a vision to give all children access to tools that help them manage tough emotions and reach their potential. Avril has a Diploma of Education from Wellington College of Education, New Zealand, where she trained as a primary school teacher majoring in music and dance. She then had a varied career in digital entertainment before launching Feel Brave to give teachers and parents simple and practical strategies to help children with their emotional well-being. Her free ‘1 Dose/Day’ emotional well-being programme for children is now used in more than 350 schools across ten countries. Avril is an official partner of the New Zealand Life Education Trust and Patron of Westminster Children’s University.

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