15-Minute STEM Book 2 has been reviewed!

27 January 2021

With home learning now embedded in our education system and with many parents reaching into their memories of their own school days for resources, a new book about STEM activities is most welcome. 15-Minute STEM Book 2 by Emily Hunt is a great addition to the home science library with activities across the spectrum of learning.  

It™s refreshing to see resources for children that take a detailed and methodical approach to conducting experiments and investigations at home, and my bet is that children will want to spend much more time than the 15 minutes described to introduce the STEM connections. 

Activities are clearly explained in well illustrated and laid out pages, with the instructions including what equipment is needed (all pretty much in the household cupboards), what to do and how, suggestions for
further investigations and the lessons and scientific principles to be learned. 

Forty different activities are described that cover all aspects of STEM “ from knots to constellations, and from origami engineering to the environmental science of ocean plastic pollution. With a comprehensive
Q&A introduction for hesitant or nervous parents that includes the excellent advice of letting children lead the learning, and finding the key takeaway points, this book offers a practical and wide-ranging selection of
engaging and fun experiments.

Recognising that they are innately curious “ and therefore naturally and instinctively scientists now “ is a great point of principle for turning children onto STEM for future study and careers. 15-Minute STEM Book
2 will stimulate curiosity and motivate the investigator and researcher in all children.

Rick Hall, founder of Ignite!

Discover 15-Minute STEM Book 2 here.

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