Coming soon - How to Move & Learn is available for pre-ordering - secure your copy here.
24 June 2022

In their new book How to Move & Learn, authors Bryn LlewellynIan Holmes and Richard Allman share the latest research from around the world and provide teachers with the means and motivation to identify opportunities to integrate movement purposefully into the teaching and learning process. 

How to Move & Learn: An evidence-based guide to embedding physically active learning in your school is a practical guidebook that provides primary school teachers and leaders with the know-how and confidence to embed more movement-based approaches in their teaching and learning.

You can find out more about the book and pre-order your copy here.


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Coming soon - Elena Stevens' new book, 40 ways to Diversify the History Curriculum
22 June 2022

Elena Stevens pens her exciting new book, 40 Ways to Diversify the History Curriculum: A practical handbook

A practical, wide-ranging compendium of enquiries and case studies that helps history teachers diversify, reimagine and decolonise the history curriculum

Elena responds to calls for a more diverse, decolonised curriculum – calls which have become more insistent following the reinvigoration of the Black Lives Matter movement, the #MeToo movement and other landmark events. 

40 Ways to Diversify the History Curriculum is now available for pre-order. Learn more about the book here.

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It’s All About Stories blogger Nicky Hudson shares her review of Parklands: A school built on love.
22 June 2022
Its All About Stories blogger Nicky Hudson shares her review on facebook for Chris Dyson's latest book, Parklands: A school built on love.
"This is an inspirational tale, written in a truly accessible, chatty style, that shows us what is possible if we turn things on their head and sometimes ask ourselves "why do we do it like that?", and "why not?". Read this if you work in a school, definitely read this if you are an aspiring leader."
Nicky Hudson is a Teacher, mum, blogger, early childhood educator, once a scientist.
You can learn more about the Chris Dyson's book here.
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In Discussion with ... David Dixon on Leadership for Sustainability
21 June 2022

Check out the latest youtube video where David Dixon explores leadership for sustainability and what can be done to embrace eco friendly practices in schools.

You can see the video here

Learn more about David Dixon's book here

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Colin Diamond CBE's much anticipated The Birmingham Book is coming soon!
21 June 2022

Prof Colin Diamond CBE's much anticipated new title The Birmingham Book is coming soon!

shines a spotlight on what really happened during the Trojan Horse affair, and shares informed insights into how its exposure made Birmingham’s schools (and the nation’s) better and safer. 

Pre-order a copy of the book and see a look inside here.

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Adam Robbins provides an insight in his latest blog on Reflections on Education; Know before they go.
14 June 2022

Know before they go.

When a parent phones a school to report that their child is upset because the teacher didn't explain the lesson well enough, is it ok that the teacher repeats the lesson?

Adam Robbin shares his views in his latest blog on the Reflections on Education website.

You can read the full article here.

Learn more about Adam and his book here.


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