We will be at the Festival of Education 2023!

13 June 2023

We will be exhibiting at the 13th Festival of Education, 6th-7th July 2023 at Wellington College! Come and visit our stand where you'll be able to browse a selection of books for teachers and school leaders on a wide range of topics, including school leadership, behaviour, Special Educational Needs (SEN), pedagogy, curriculum and CPD.


You'll also have the chance to meet some of our fantastic Crown House authors who will be speaking at the event, including:


Gillian Bridge - Wellbeing Before Birth: We must use our brains to build better mental (and cognitive) health - 7th July 2023, 12:45 - 1:30PM.

The session will be both challenging and exciting. Attendees may not agree with some (or even much) of what Gillian has to say, but it should stimulate deep reflection on what has been happening to some young people's health, and will provide many genuinely practical takeaways for educators and parents.

Find out more about Gillian's books, Sweet Distress and The Significance Delusion.


Stephanie Davies - The power of humour and laughter for learning, memory and inclusion - 6th July 2023, 2:45 - 3:30PM. 

Find out more about Stephanie's book, Laughology.


Colin Diamond - Urban School Leadership: Finding the sweet spot - 7th July 2023, 2:45 - 3:30PM.

The session will commence with a brief overview of what was learnt from the authors who contributed to The Birmingham Book. Delegates will be invited to reflect on their own experience of leading schools in our cities and conurbations with a quick PESTLE-type analysis to engage everyone interactively. The session will end on a discussion about 'what really works' (all based on strongly performing schools) and how leaders can draw on the lessons from The Birmingham Book authors and apply/adapt them to their own settings.

Find out more about The Birmingham Book by Colin.


David Dixon - Leadership for Sustainability: Improving schools while saving the planet - 6th July 2023, 12:45 - 1:30PM.

Sustainability is being given an ever-higher profile in schools, but school leaders are often daunted as to how to embed it when they have so many other things to worry about. During this session, David will show you how you can do this whatever your starting point and how it keys into all other aspects of school improvement as understood by inspectors and other external moderators.

Find out more about David's book, Leadership for Sustainability.


Vic Goddard - The SEND/AP Crisis: Improved provision for children with SEND and in Alternative Education - 7th July 2023, 11:45 - 12:30PM.

This session will identify and explore the causes, the effects, and viable solutions to the crisis surrounding inclusion, with a focus on the mainstream offer, lack of specialist school places, the pressures in the system, and the overall impact on all children and young people. 

Panel: Cultivating Pupil Wellbeing - 7th July 2023, 11:45 - 12:30PM.

Amid what many are calling a mental health crisis for young people, pressure is growing on schools to go far beyond their educational role and to step in where services no longer have capacity to help.

But how much can schools really do? Is there an evidence base for interventions that work? And what is the toll on an already overworked profession?

Untangling the Mess: Joined-up services to meet the needs of children - 7th July 2023, 12:45 - 1:30PM.

Schools currently find themselves taking on responsibilities once held by social care, mental health services, attendance officers and the police in relation to children and their welfare without additional resource or sufficient expertise.

Is this sustainable? This session covers how can we rethink the way that children’s services are managed and the role that schools can play in a more joined up approach to meeting the needs of children and young people.

Find out more about Vic's book, The Best Job In The World.


Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston - Coaching for Social Action: Empowering Teachers to Mentor and Guide Young Leaders - 7th July 2023, 2:45 - 3:30PM.

In this session, the authors will explore the role of teachers as coaches and mentors for young leaders in social action. Participants will learn about different coaching and mentorship techniques and how they can be applied to guide and support their students in taking meaningful action towards the Global Goals.

Find out more about Katy and Emmie's book, Leader.


Haili Hughes - The expertise reversal effect and being an adaptive mentor - 6th July 2023, 9:30 -10:15AM.

This session will outline the key requirements for mentors and some of the challenges and barriers they may face. This will then lead to a discussion of the expertise reversal effect and the practical implications this theory of cognitive science has for mentors. Some ideas for strategies will be given, before attendees are asked to watch a short clip of a lesson and discuss which of the strategies offered they would use and why, bridging the gap between research and practice.

Find out more about Haili's book, Mentoring in Schools.


Anthony Kessel - Supporting student psychological wellbeing through education and fiction - 6th July, 9:30 - 10:15AM.

This session will draw on Anthony's experience as a public health leader to convey the status of children's mental health in this country and internationally, including the role of the pandemic in the rise of psychological health problems. Anthony will then share an approach to understanding how the mind works that is proving invaluable, through educational programmes nationally and internationally, in enhancing student wellbeing and resilience. Finally, he will talk through the power of fiction as a complimentary vehicle to health improvement, including how he draws on this approach to support wellbeing in his fiction books.

Find out more about Anthony's contemporary detective series, Don't Doubt the Rainbow.


Rachel Macfarlane - Digital learner profiles for an equitable future - 6th July, 9:30 - 10:15AM.

This session explores why we need to rethink assessment, with equity as a key focus. It makes the case for the adoption of digital learner profiles across education phases and in all types of schools in order to evidence learners’ strengths more holistically and broaden learning experiences.

Find out more about Rachel's books, Obstetrics for Schools and Powering Up Your School.


John Tomsett - SEND Huh: what key practitioners have to say about SEND - 7th July, 12:45 - 1:30PM.

HUH is the Egyptian god of endlessness, creativity, fertility and regeneration – a perfect deity for the school curriculum! In this session, John Tomsett and Mary Myatt will reflect upon what they have learnt from the latest work in their HUH curriculum project, having interviewed experts in SEND provision and how those experts develop the SEND curriculum for real, on the ground, in our schools. Come to this session to learn about the latest thinking about the SEND curriculum and what it might look like in the future if we have the courage to begin with what our children need.

Find out more about John's books, This Much I Know About Love Over Fear and This Much I Know About Mind Over Matter.


Shaun Allison and Andy Tharby - Maximising Opportunity to Learn: The power of routine - 6th July, 11:45AM - 12:30PM.

Routines have always been integral to maintaining a calm and purposeful classroom but, as we all look to tackle the Covid legacy in schools, routines have become more important than ever. In this session, Shaun and Andy will share the types of routines that have become an integral part of classroom practice in their school, helping to maximise the opportunity for great teaching and learning to happen.

Find out more about Shaun's books, Making Every Science Lesson Count and Perfect Teacher-Led CPD.

Find out more about Andy's books, How to Explain Absolutely Anything to Absolutely Anyone and Making Every English Lesson Count.

Discover their co-authored book, Making Every Lesson Count.


Bradley Busch - Retrieval Practice: Updating what we 'know' about it - 6th July, 10:30 - 11:15AM.

In this session, Bradley will look at the very latest and most recent findings Retrieval Practice research from the past year or two Time will also be given to explore the practical implications and guidelines based on these findings.

Everything you wanted to ask about Cognitive Load Theory* (*but were afraid to ask) - 6th July, 2:45 - 3:30PM.

This session will cover cognitive load theory, teaching & learning research and cognitive science, as well as its implications, applications, and limitations in education.

Find out more about Bradley's book, Release Your Inner Drive.


Ellie Costello and Ginny Bootman - Square Pegs: What inclusion could and should look like - 7th July, 9:30 - 10:15AM.

In this session, Ellie Costello is joined by Margaret Mulholland, Adam Vasco and Ginny Bootman to grapple with the complex issues of inclusion and purpose, and explore blue-skies possibilities for our schools and our our school system.

Find out more about Ellie's co-authored book, Square Pegs.


Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters - Provocations.

Help Sir Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters write their new book by contributing to these lively debates about some of education’s most contentious issues. Away from the heat of social media, respectful disagreement finds a home at the Festival of Education

Discover their co-authored book, About Our Schools.


Founded by Wellington College in 2010, the Festival of Education brings educators from the UK and beyond for two days of invaluable CPD, discussions and networking.

View the festival agenda here.

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