The Birmingham Book

Lessons in urban education leadership and policy from the Trojan Horse affair

By: Colin Diamond, CBE


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Published: May 2022

Size: 248 x 185mm

ISBN : 9781785835926

Pages : 250 (est)

Format: Paperback

Availability: Forthcoming

Shines a spotlight on what really happened during the Trojan Horse affair, and shares informed insights into how its exposure made Birmingham’s schools (and the nation’s) better and safer.

Foreword by Mick Waters.

The Trojan Horse affair sent shock waves across England’s education system in 2014. The affair centred around an anonymous letter that contained instructions on how to take over schools with a majority Muslim population by influencing their governing bodies and undermining head teachers. The authenticity of the letter remains hotly disputed, yet its publication generated huge turbulence – both in Birmingham’s schools and communities, and in Parliament and the national news.

Edited by Colin Diamond, The Birmingham Book offers fresh perspectives based on unique access to information from within the city, written by respected educationalists who have worked successfully in Birmingham for many years during the Trojan Horse era and since. It explains what led to the publication of the letter, its profound consequences for education in Birmingham, and how Trojan Horse activities continued in the city after 2014 – albeit from outside the school gates once new policies and regulations made it impossible to influence schools from within.

The book also opens up an informed discussion around the issues raised during Trojan Horse, such as delivering a well-rounded curriculum suitable for a diverse school community, developing working partnerships in the local area, and boosting the attainment and aspirations of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Picture for author Colin Diamond, CBE

Colin Diamond, CBE

Colin Diamond, CBE has worked in education leadership roles for over 40 years, including two director of education posts, and as a senior civil servant in Whitehall. Colin took up post as Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Birmingham in 2018 and is passionate about inclusion and social justice, always mindful of his childhood in Liverpool. He also plays in bands and supports Liverpool FC.


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