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Kausor Amin-Ali, author of A-Z School Leadership: A Guide For New School Leaders, founder of All Children Read, experienced Head Teacher

Diamond’s book is very relevant and has implications beyond Birmingham. It sheds light onto how the needs of the largest minority group in England – Muslims – are or are not being met and the reaction by authorities to alarmist levels, escalating prejudice, fear and mistrust, despite it resulting in no criminal charges whatsoever. His privileged position to bring together many of the key actors in the Trojan Horse affair allows a focus on the causes of the series of incidents. His reference to Holmwood provides an apt interjection in the discourse. The subsequent effects on the professional lives of many are alluded to in an authentic narrative by Campbell-Stephens. With this, the book leaves the reader wanting to ask more questions – four of which I allude to here: how can the mistrust amongst the Muslim community be repaired with an authentic voice? How can pupil outcomes be regained to the high levels of attainment pre-Trojan Horse? What is the accountability of governance across all multi-academy trusts in England? Lastly, how can barriers be removed for aspiring Muslim school leaders in their career progression who are still in the shadow of the incidents from 2013–2014?

Bethan | 22/06/2022 12:57
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